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Vietnam is known as one of the countries with many beautiful landscapes, attracting foreign visitors. However, many international friends who make their trip to the S-shaped land are still not well-prepared for fully exploring and experiencing here. Therefore, this article will reveal some travel experiences for foreigners who are planning to come to Vietnam in the near future.

1. The most suitable transportation is motorbike

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Transportation in cities of Vietnam is mainly motorcycles, taxis, buses. For the first time to this country, visitors can use the vehicles mentioned above. However, for convenience and ease, avoiding being ripped off when using service transportations, tourists should rent motorbike package at hotels, motels or accommodation. Renting a motorbike is usually not too expensive, ranging from 150,000 – 200,000 VND/ a day. At the same time, many foreign friends will feel this advice is smart because you can easily “wriggle” when facing traffic jam during the peak hour in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City.

2. It is not necessary to exchange money with Vietnam Dong

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When travelling Vietnam, foreign visitors is not necessary to exchange money to Vietnamese dong. Stores still accept dollars. Also, if you want to be convenient in many situations, you should convert to Vietnamese dong. USD/VND exchange rate will fluctuate around 23,000 VND. The secret to not being confuse with money is that you should distinguish colors and numbers written on it, without paying much attention to the design because most of them are similar.

3. When you arrive, buy Vietnam SIM right away

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As soon as the plane landed in Vietnam, you should buy a phone SIM at the airport to contact relatives and friends, inform to them where you are going to travel. When you run out of money in your account, you can buy the recharge card at the roadside grocery stores at anywhere in the cities. It is very easy, hence, do not need to be worried about this problem.

4. One of these travel experiences is free Wi-Fi

When tired, visitors come back to the hotel or visit the restaurants and cafes to enjoy the taste of Vietnamese cuisine, the first thing to do is to open the phone and check-in. The shimmering photos are taken and uploaded to social networks your “mobile phones” cannot lack 3G. At these times, a stable free Wi-Fi connection is really what you need. You do not need to pay anything when going to many restaurants and places of residence in Vietnam and you can still surf the web and connect with friends. You can also use free apps to call and text if you have Wi-Fi, however, do not forget to turn off the roaming service before using Wi-Fi.

5. Vietnamese people often use English

Many foreign tourists think that it will be very difficult to communicate, exchange or simply ask for directions in Vietnam. In fact, many Vietnamese people can speak a few common English sentences. The students are always interested and want to talk to foreigners to enhance their language skills, not for any reason.

6. You need prepare for the weather

Vietnam is a tropical monsoon climate. The summer is very hot, you should prepare personal items such as umbrellas, sunscreen or sunglasses. And in the North, winter is very cold, do not forget to wear warm coats, scarves and closed-toe shoes. Particularly in Saigon, the weather is bright, sunny and rainy, thus, do not forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat just in case. Because the weather division between regions, depending on your destination. Therefore, the luggage bring to Vietnam should have enough suitable costumes to protect your health.

Nowadays, when traveling to Vietnam, discovering attractive places has become more familiar than ever. A gentle, friendly Vietnam is always ready to welcome foreign tourists to visit and experience, just a little useful travel experiences when you arrive in this country you will not want to leave anymore.


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