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Christmas holiday is coming, the bustling atmosphere, funny songs, brightly decorated pine trees have become very familiar with everybody.

1. The origin of Christmas holiday

Christmas Day (also known as Noel or Christmas, X-mas) is an international holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

In the beginning, the origin of Christmas began with Christians. However, over time, Christmas has become an international holiday and is better known for pine and Santa Claus.

Christmas holiday

2. Christmas time

According to the Jewish calendar, the start of new day was sunset, not midnight. Therefore, although Christmas is officially celebrated on December 25th, people often congratulate from the evening of December 24th.

“The Easter vigil” on the night of December 24th attracted more people to attend than the “main ceremony” on December 25th.

3. The meaning of Christmas holiday

Most people probably know about the meaning of Christian Christmas. However, Noel is also a family holiday, a special occasion for all generations of the family to gather together. On this chance, the members will create memories, express love for each other.

Noel can also be considered as a children’s ceremony. Christmas Eve is a magical night in which all the wishes of the children will come true.

In addition, Christmas also carries the message of peace, everyone shares with the lonely, the elderly, the sick or those who are abandoned.

4. The meaning of names Christmas and Xmas

Christmas includes Christ and Mas. The word Christ (the person who bears the oil) is the title of Jesus. The word Mas is the abbreviation of Mass.

When Christ and Mas wrote immediately, it became Christmas. Christmas means the feast of Christ, that is, the Christmas day of Christ.

The words Christmas and Xmas both have the same meaning. Because the Greek word for Christ is Christos, Xpiơtós or Xristos. People use the consonant “X” to represent the original Xristos or Xpiơtós. And then, they add the Mas to become the word Xmas. Thus, Xmas also means the feast of Christ.

5. The meaning of the name Noel

Noel is the French word “Noël”, the older form is Naël, with its Latin origin nātālis (diēs) meaning “date of birth”. There is also an opinion that the name Noel comes from the title Emmanuel, in Hebrew meaning “God is with us”, as it is written in the Gospel of Matthew.

6.The meaning of symbols appears during Christmas

Advent wreath: The circle of the leaf represents eternal life as well as the endless love of God. The green color symbolizes the hope that the Messiah will save people from suffering.

Christmas holiday

– Christmas Tree: According to the legend, in the seventh century, on a pilgrimage, to save a child from the altar, St. Boniface defeated an oak tree with a single punch. And small pine trees have grown from there. The Saint said that the small pine tree represents for the eternal life of the Savior and the tree of life. Therefore, on Christmas holidays, people often put in a small ornate pine tree.

Christmas holiday

– Christmas star: During Christmas, people usually hang a star in the most solemn position at religious office. According to the legend of the origin of the Christmas day, at the time of the Lord’s birth, a star shining in the sky showed the three kings to find the place where God was born.

– Christmas gifts: The gifts with a deep religious meaning will show the love between friends and family members.







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